Why are these grades right for my company?

  • High Quality, High Performance Grades
  • Bonding difficult substrates
  • Precision Performance
  • Cost savings

Product Details
We make pressure sensitive adhesive for a wide range of tape applications, with the properties of the hot melt specified for the end use. Examples include:-

  • Self Adhesive Permanent Tapes
  • Toffee Tapes
  • Peelable Tapes (automotive)
  • Woodworking Tapes – eg bonding pvc, melamine,wood veneer & HPL onto mdf chipboard wood
  • Bag Sealing Tapes – high grab, high cohesive strength, run at variety of temps to suit materials being coated. Egs mailing bags, refuse sacks, repackaging & returns
  • Double Sided PE foam tape eg draught excluders, temporary sign adhesion
  • Double sided tissue tape – stick two sufaces together in a way not visible to end product
  • Double sided filmic polypropylene tape
  • Anti dust tapes
  • Aluminium foil tape
  • Finger lift tapes
  • Masking Tapes
  • Aggressive self adhesive for sign mouting
  • Construction industry tapes eg adhering insulation to walls, fixing flooring materials,
  • Insect traps
  • Carpet Tapes

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