Why are these grades right for my company?

  • Cost Savings
  • High Quality
  • Helps packing lines to run efficiently
  • Suitable for food packaging
  • Short Lead Times

Product Details
We make adhesives for a wide range of packaging applications, with the properties of the hotmelt specified for the end use. Examples include: -

  • Carton sealing
  • Case sealing
  • Deep freeze
  • Tray erecting
  • Sift-proof packaging
  • Infestation proof packaging
  • Straw attachment
  • Pallet stabilisation
  • Bonding a wide range of boards including: –
    Film laminated board
    Dense/compact fibre board
    Recycled board
    Grease resistant board
    Wax or PE coated board
    Metal to plastics or board
    Metallised polyester board

Our White Packaging Hot Melt Adhesive competes with the market leading brand on both price and performance. It is capable of coping with slow case packers & fast carton sealers (typically 160 cartons/min) because of its high moulten tack and fast set time. It retains bond integrity at high & low storage temps.

Our hot melts are all clean running and easy to use. They have excellent thermal stability, which helps to prevent blocked nozzles and so minimises down-time.

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