Why are these grades right for my company?

  • Cost savings
  • High Performance Products
  • Bonding more difficult label types

Product Details
Excel Adhesive hot melts are provided in easy to handle small pillows. We make adhesives for a wide range of labelling applications, with the properties of the hot melt specified for the end use. Examples include: -

  • Our Bottle Labelling hot melt adhesives are used with glass and PET and shrinkable plastic bottles. They perform well on both wet and cold bottles, and on both reel and magazine fed systems.
  • Our Can and Jar labelling hot melt adhesives are used with cans and jars. They perform well on cans and jars as hot as 85°C. They are free from stringing, even when labels are applied at speeds of 1,000 containers per minute.
  • Excel Adhesive’s alkali dispersible hot melts can be quickly removed to support bottle recycling and refilling.

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