Why are these grades right for my company?

  • Easy to Use
  • High Quality Adhesive
  • Cost Savings

Product Details

We make adhesives for a wide range of bookbinding applications, with the properties of the hot melt specified for the end use. Examples include: –

  • Spine gluing
  • Side gluing
  • End gluing
  • Rounding and backing
  • Casing in
  • Tip-in applications

Excel Hot Melt Features include: -

  • Excellent page pull strength and assured bonding
  • Grades suitable for all paper types including coated papers
  • Spines that can be trimmed just 30 seconds after binding
  • Suitable for use on fast or slow machines
  • Good lay flat properties
  • Clean, low-charring, low stringing hot melts
  • Resistance to residual ink solvents

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