The convention within the adhesive industry is for pricing to be confidential.

The price of our Hot Melt Adhesives depends on the grade and the volume used, with a pallet being the minimum order quantity.

We always take the time to ensure that the right adhesive is specified to meet your exact requirements. The solution may be a product already used by other customers, or your unique circumstances may mean that a bespoke adhesive needs to be developed.

We do not charge for development work, but see the process as working together in partnership with our customers for the long term benefit of us both.

To ensure the product is right for your company, we happily provide complimentary samples of adhesive. We can assist with trials, and feel it is in everyone’s interest to ensure the hot melt performs exactly as required.

We believe that our streamlined company structure and large modern European manufacturing facility enables us to compete on price with any reputable adhesive company. Our warehousing facilities in the North East of England enable us to deliver to our customers with short lead times.

The difference in prices between adhesives are largely determined by the cost of the raw materials and the quantity that you use. Please contact us for more details.