Reducing Adhesive Use by 80%

New technology from hot melt machinery companies enables carton sealing to be done using as little as 20% of the hot melt – compared with traditional systems.

How’s it done? Simple. A line of dots, rather than a continuous bead.

Dots of adhesive

Dots of hot melt replace the traditional bead of adhesive, and reduce the amount used.

The best machinery systems use advanced electromagnetic guns which can be easily programmed to place the dots precisely where they’re wanted.

Pneumatic systems are also available, but we believe these have the significant disadvantage of additional maintenance costs as the parts are more prone to wearing.

With new hot melt equipment costing in the region of £12k, larger users of hot melt adhesive for cartoning can achieve a return on the investment within a few months.

Our new XLSuper 600 is designed to work with high speed “dotting” packaging lines. It has excellent clean-running properties, without any stringing. Our XLSuper 600 has high adhesion so that with just a few dots the bond is strong enough to give fibre-tear. The rate at which the adhesive is used is much slower than with traditional hot melt equipment, so XLSuper 600 has been designed to withstand being in the melt tank for extended periods of time without deteriorating.

With a few statistics from you, we can let you know how quickly you’d cover the cost of the new equipment, and what the potential annual savings are.

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June 2015

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