What we do…
Excel Adhesives develop, manufacture and supply industrial hot melt adhesives.

How we do it….
We listen. We ask questions.

We use our expertise to find an adhesive that is right for your company. It may be one that we already sell to other companies, or we may develop a new hot melt for your unique application.

We believe our hot melts can outperform standard products on the market in terms of technical performance or cost efficiency. Or sometimes, both.

Who we are…
Excel Adhesives was established in 2006 by Balbir Chander, after spotting a gap in the market for a genuinely innovative adhesive manufacturer. His skill as a development chemist has been the basis for the growth of Excel adhesives, with small and large companies seeking out his expertise.

We hope that you find us friendly, professional and helpful to work with. It’s usually mutually beneficial to you and us, when we establish and maintain long-term working relationships.

Our Team

Who uses us…
Any company that requires pallet quantities of adhesive can work with us. Our services are utilised by many respected companies, mostly in the UK but also world-wide.

With the use of large scale modern manufacturing facilities, and our UK warehousing facility, we are able to satisfy the product, price, delivery and service expectations of our manufacturing customers.

Where to find us…
Excel Adhesives’ head office and contemporary laboratory is based in the south of the UK, and our distribution centre is in the North East of England.

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